Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dong Transplant

We have a new Dong! In the shape of South Korean forward Ji Dong-Won of course, he's reportedly joined Sunderland from Chunnam Dragons in a deal which has cost the club around £2m. He's relatively unknown in football, although he did once have an unsuccessful trial at Reading in 2007, which is slightly discouraging. However four years have passed and he's been quietly getting on with his career, representing his country 11 times, finding the net on 6 occasions. I know absolutely nothing about the lad, other than things I've read on the internet and videos I've seen on youtube. He looks to be a very pacey forward with the added bonus of being 6ft2. It's rare that you get pace on a taller player. Anyway, for the price I think he's probably worth a gamble, and at 20 years of age, there's plenty of time for him to improve and learn from some of the more experienced lads in the squad. However, it could go the other way too. After all, not all of Bruce's signings have been the gems that we had expected at the start of his reign, is this going to be another Paulo Da Silva, Christian Riveros or Marcos Angeleri? Time will tell, but I sincerely hope not.

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