Friday, 3 June 2011

In danger of becoming a selling club

Lee Cattermole: Liverpool bound?
It's obviously nice to have quality players at the club, but with that, unfortunately, becomes the attention of bigger clubs. Only this week have we seen arguably our most prized possession in Jordan Henderson linked with Liverpool, and it's also common knowledge that Fergie is an admirer. As well as Henderson, there's also talk that Liverpool have made a bid for Lee Cattermole, another bright prospect who is only 22 himself. It's alright saying 'yeah we should sell if the money is right', if we had that attitude to every player we wouldn't have a squad! If players like Henderson and Catts do move on, then it means we're pretty much having to rebuild the spine of the team from scratch. Mensah and Onuoha have returned to their parent clubs, as has Welbeck. Darren Bent moved on a while back and if Hendo and Catts do too then the spine of the team has virtually been removed. That puts us in massive danger of heading in the wrong direction next season, even if we do replace said players with suitable replacements, a team takes a few games to gel, and I'm worried we may not have time to do that, especially with Quinn hinting that we may not sign anybody till July/August time. However that's the worst case scenario, I don't think we'll sell either as hopefully Bruce has learned his lesson from the Darren Bent saga.

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